In 2009, the “Nation to Nation Forum” was hosted by the Yavapai Nation in Arizona; it involved Indigenous people from Canada and United States. It was determined at this forum that Indigenous people are not several nations, but One Nation. Later that year “One Nation” a forum focused on unity and empowerment to the world’s Indigenous people and communities, was hosted in Vancouver, BC and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Subsequently, after these Forums, a delegation from the Indigenous Leadership Development Institute Inc. attended the World Business Form in New York City. After this event the vision for the “World Indigenous Business Forum” was created, it was to become a world class business forum for Indigenous people, a place to share our stories with one another, connect with each other and most important to inspire everyone. It is vital to grow each of our unique cultures, to preserve our languages, provide a healthy future for our children and give the best quality of life for our families today.

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